gureKddcup database


This web page contains information about gureKddcup database. It has been generated with a similar procedure used in the original Kddcup database but it also includes the payload of each connection (see README).

If you want to access to the data, fulfill the form appearing below. The information provided in the form will only be used to be able to inform you about changes in the database and for statistical purposes.

If you use the data, please include next reference in your work:

I. Perona, I. Gurrutxaga, O. Arbelaitz, J.I. Martín, J. Muguerza, J.M. Pérez. "Service-independent payload analysis to improve intrusion detection in network traffic". Proceedings of the 7th Australasian Data Mining Conference (AusDM08), Adelaide, Australia, 171-178, 2008.



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