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Intelligent Systems Group

Interested in doing a PhD with us?


It is true that after completing our Engineering Degree and specially during the courses of a Master Degree a question frequently comes to our minds: "it is true that I like science and I like research and its results. Should I complete a PhD?".

If your answer is "yes" to the previous question, our research group offers you an experienced, dynamic and internationally-oriented research environment to develop your PhD in three main areas: data analysis and data mining; high performance computing; heuristic optimization. While the proposal of new methodologies in these areas is the principal characteristic of a PhD, real applications are also solved and presented in the PhD work. The publication of the research results in qualified international journals and conferences is a "mark-quality" of our group. Completing a qualified PhD with publications in pretigious forums can not only open you the gates of academic or research institutions: it is true that during the last years our close industrial and economic environment has more interest in the incorporation of qualified PhDs to their everyday practice.


Twenty-one PhD dissertations have been sucessfully completed in our group in the 2007-2016 period; among them, 17 have received an International PhD degree mention. In addition, 5 of these dissertations have received a PhD award from the University of the Basque Country ("Premio Extraordinario de Doctorado UPV-EHU"): only 1 of 10 PhDs received this prize. Most of the researchers who completed a PhD in our group are currently working on qualified (national and international) positions: both on University or research, as well as company positions, most of them working on areas related to the main topics of our research group.


In order to do a PhD it is mandatory to obtain a PhD grant which supports your work within the 4-years period. It is now time, specially during spring and summer months, to ask for PhD grants to different institutions that offer them: Spanish and Basque Government, and our University.


If this type of questions frequently come to your mind and you are attracted by the research lines of our group... do not continue with this doubt in your mind: come to any of us (specially to our group leader, Jose Antonio Lozano), and we will offer you all the needed information to form a final decision.



Momo Hernandez in radio -- current research lines


Our group member Momo Hernandez took part in the "Hiri Gorrian" program of the Basque Public Radio (Euskadi Irratia), where he explained, in a divulgative style, his research lines in his post-doc stay in Carnegie Mellon Unviersity (Pittsburgh, USA) and the recently received "Open Data Basque Country" prize. 

Podcast (around minute 38):


Borja Calvo in TV -- Data mining & Bioinformatics


Our team mate Borja Calvo took part in the "Azpimarra" program of the Basque Public TV (EITB). The program covers in a divulgative way different scientific disciplines. Borja did a divulgative introduction to "data mining" and "bioinformatics". The video can be watched in the following link (after minute 32).


Open Data Basque Country - Competition for ideas - Momo Hernandez first Prize


Our group member Momo Hernandez received the First Prize of the "Open Data Euskadi - Competition for Ideas 2015". The proposal is titled "Choose your studies taking into account the future".

The competition is described here.

The prize was annoounced by the Basque Government in the following web.

Momo's proposal is described here.

[news1 and news2] about the event where the awards were given.

Congratulations Momo! Zorionak! ¡Felicidades!


Usue Mori -- PhD Thesis defense


Our group member Usue Mori successfully defended her PhD on November the 27th. The tribunal was composed by Jose Antonio Gámez (University of Castilla - La Mancha), José Manuel Peña (Linköping University, Sweden), Francisco Martínez (University Pablo Olavide, Seville), and Borja Calvo and Iñaki Inza (University of the Basque Country). The PhD document can be found here. Congratulations Usue! ¡Felicidades! Zorionak!


Prizes -- Spanish Conference on Artificial Intelligence


Two members of our group, Momo Hernandez and Josu Ceberio, have been awarded with different prizes in the Spanish Conference on Artificial Intelligence:

The following work received the prize of the "best PhD student paper":

J. Hernandez, I. Inza, J.A. Lozano. "A novel weakly-supervised problem: learning from positive-unlabeled proportions" [link]

The following work received the prize of the "second best paper of the general conference":

J. Ceberio, B. Calvo, A. Mendiburu, J.A. Lozano. "Multi-objetivising the quadratic assignment problem by means of an elementary landscape decomposition". [link]

Congratulations! Zorionak!

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