Citation to MATEDA-2.0   

Work done with MATEDA can be cited as:

R. Santana, C. Echegoyen, A. Mendiburu, C. Bielza, J. A. Lozano, P. Larrañaga, R. Armañanzas and S. Shakya. MATEDA: A suite of EDA programs in Matlab. Technical Report EHU-KZAA-IK-2/09. University of the Basque Country, February 2009.

If your application uses a MATEDA routine that includes the Bayes net toolbox for Matlab, the BNT structure learning package or clustering algorithms based on affinity propagation, appropriate references should be included.

Similarly, for the use of particular implementations of functions or problem application (e.g. HP protein folding problem, multi-objective SAT, etc.) we recommend the citation of related papers where the original application is presented and/or these problems are described.

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