Bugs detected and methods added to MATEDA

April, 2009 Functions EvaluateEnergy and EvaluateEnergyFunctional have been modified to properly deal with the arousal of collisions in HP protein configurations.
March, 2009 Functions ComputeC_Metric, ComputeDistanceToPoint, ComputeDiversity and ComputeSchottsSpacingMetric have been added. These functions compute different metrics to evaluate the quality of Pareto set approximations.
March, 2009 Functions MakePajekGraphFromDag and MakePajekDynGraphFromDags have been added. These functions respectively creates a Pajek representation of a single dag and of the set of dags generated during the EDA evolution. A single network is saved in .net format and a dynamic network (one structure for each generation) in .tin format. Pajek allows sophisticated network analysis and visualization of static and dynamic graphs.
February, 2009 Bug in function EvaluateSAT has been fixed.
January, 2009 MATEDA-2.0 was released. The new version can solve single and multi-objective optimization problems with EDAs based on undirected graphical models and Bayesian networks. Methods that allow the analysis of the structures learned by the probabilistic models, the visualization of particular features of these structures and the use of the probabilistic models as fitness modeling tools are now included.
May, 2005 First implementation of MATEDA was released. Basic EDA implementations for single objective functions are included.

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