RSAIT research group develops its work at the Faculty of Informatics, University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU). We focus our research in the area of mobile robotics, where statistical and machine learning techniques are applied in order to increase the degree of autonomy of our robots. Nowadays, the group is composed by five computer scientists, two mathematicians and an industrial engineer (6 PhD).

The main research topics we are interested in are:

  • Robot exploration and navigation techniques
  • Machine Learning
  • Robot-human interaction
  • Computer Vision
  • Statistics
BertsoBot. Bertsolaritza or bertsolarism is the art of singing extemporary composed songs in Basque according to various melodies and rhyming patterns.
BertsoBot, the verse singing robot, gives us the opportunity to encompass almost every capability an intelligent robot should have: comprehension of spoken language, generation of semantically significant text, capability of visually identifying and locating different objects in the scenario (for instance, the microphone), to recognize the competitors, to measure the public reaction and express emotions while singing, ...
RSAIT is member of the European Robotics Network.

Our funding comes mainly from public institutions, to do our research projects. But we also work with enterprises to do technology transfer projects. Among the last ones, we work with some technological centers from our country, and we conduct some PhD thesis, in the university and in those technological centers.

These are some of the institutions we work with: