Companion web for the article

 "Equivalence Hypothesis Testing in Experimental Software Engineering"

JJ Dolado, MC Otero and M Harman

  1. Questionnaires delivered in the three Trials (Trial 1, Trial 2 and Trial 1X). The documents are those of the article "An Empirical Investigation of the Influence of Side Effects on Program Comprehension" (

  2. Data collected and different Reports generated with NCSS ->

  3. Data of the comparison of UML and OML ->
  4. Razali et al.'s data: Experiment 1 (.csv,   .ods)  and Modifications  (.csv), Experiment 2  (.ods, .csv)
  5. Some R Scripts for the computations and graphics (bioequivalence from Chen and Peace's book).
    1. For the Side Effects data: for Trial 1; Figures Confidence Intervals
    2. For the UML and OML data: Experiment1 and CIs
    3. For UML-B and B, Event-B data: Experiment 1 , Experiment 2 Question 1  and CIs