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The location of the Hotels is shown in this map.
Please make your reservations through Prof. Javier Barrallo  indicating your name, day of arrival, day of departure and the desired Hotel and kind of room. Confirmations by e-mail will be made in a couple of days.
  Hotel EZEIZA **
        Single room: 7,300 Pesetas
        Double room for individual use: 7,600 Pesetas
        Double room: 9,500 Pesetas
        Breakfast: 600 Pesetas
A small and romantic hotel near the Ondarreta beach. 10 minutes walking from the Conference venue. A very nice place. Only 30 rooms.

Avenida Satrustegui, 13. San Sebastian 20008
Phone: (00 34) 943 214311
Fax: (00 34) 943 214768
  Hotel N.H. ARANZAZU ****
        Single room: 10,000 Pesetas
        Double room: 10,000 Pesetas
        Breakfast: 1,300 Pesetas
A very nice Hotel, modern, comfortable and very close to the Conference Venue (2 minutes). As you may see, the price of the single room is equal to the double, so it is a best choice for two persons. The breakfast is very good and varied. It will be taken as the meeting point for social events.
Calle Vitoria Gasteiz, 1. San Sebastian 20009
Phone: (00 34) 943 219077
Fax: (00 34) 943 218695
        Single room: 8,500 Pesetas
        Double room: 11,000 Pesetas
        Breakfast: Included
One of the best choices for individual rooms. It is 5 minutes walking from the Conference venue and 5 minutes from the Ondarreta beach. Very comfortable and well situated between the University, beach and the center of the city.
Avenida de Zumalacarregui, 20. San Sebastian 20008
Phone: (00 34) 943 214400
Fax: (00 34) 943 217299
  Hotel COSTA VASCA ****
        Single room: 7,000 Pesetas
        Double room: 12,000 Pesetas
        Breakfast: Included
A quiet and very well conditioned Hotel near the Miramar Palace and five minutes walking from the Ondarreta beach. Probably the best balance between price and quality for single rooms. The only problem is the distance. The Hotel Costa Vasca is placed 20 minutes walking from the Conference venue with a light but persistent slope during . The distance from the Hotel to the city center is similar to the other Hotels.
Avenida Pio Baroja, 15. San Sebastian 20008
Phone: (00 34) 943 211011
Fax: (00 34) 943 212428
  Hotel CODINA **
        Single room (Shower): 4,600 Pesetas
        Single room (Bathroom): 6,000 Pesetas
        Double room (Shower): 7,000 Pesetas
        Double room (Bathroom): 8,500 Pesetas
        Breakfast: Included
A very popular Hotel in San Sebastian because of the cheap prices. Hotel Codina usually receive many groups of students or third age people that sometimes may make the stay not as comfortable as in other Hotels. On the other hand it is near the Conference venue (five minutes) and very economic for the San Sebastian standard.

Avenida Zumalacarregui 21. San Sebastian 20008
Phone: (00 34) 943 212200
Fax: (00 34) 943 212523
  Hotel BAHIA **
        Single room: 7,900 Pesetas
        Double room: 8,900 Pesetas
        Double room (with a third bed): 11,400 Pesetas
        Breakfast: Included
It is the favourite Hotel of the Spanish tourists. Placed in the center of the city and very close to the beach, it has a long of tradition in San Sebastian. Although is is an old Hotel, all rooms have shower, color TV, radio and phone. If you want to dinner in the old quarter of city after the conference sessions, or take long walks along the Bay, this is the perfect Hotel. It is well conected with the Conference venue by bus and taxi, but it is also possible to go walking (30 minutes) along the Bay.
Calle San Martin, 54 bis. San Sebastian 20007
Phone: (00 34) 943 469211
Fax: (00 34) 943 463914
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