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Criteria to Judge Submitted Manuscripts



The Revista Española de Educación Comparada (REEC) (Spanish Journal of Comparative Education) is the official communication organ used by the Spanish Society of Comparative Education with the clear intention of being a point of reference within the publishing sector dedicated to Comparative Education studies.  The journal has been published annually since 1995.

The journal is divided into four sections.  The first section is the “Monographic Section”, dedicated to articles relating to a specific subject of particular importance in each edition.  The second section, entitled “Studies and Research” contains articles which, although not coinciding with the subject matter of the monographic section, have been published due to their importance or quality.  The third section, “Documents”, includes basic material of a prescriptive nature (Declarations or International Conventions, National laws or other judicial rulings), or of a doctrinal nature (technical reports, documents from international or private organisations which reflect on relevant subject matter, etc.).  These documents offer news on emerging educational tendencies.  Lastly, a fourth section closes each edition with a section dedicated to “Editorial news” which contains the most important news from this academic sector throughout the corresponding year, taken both from printed and electronic sources.


 The theme for the monographic section is chosen each edition by the Governing Committee of the SEEC and the Director of the REEC.  They choose a coordinator to put the section together.  The coordinator entrusts the articles which are to be published in the monographic section to authors who are experienced in the subject matter.


 Any researcher within the area of Comparative Education, whether they are members of the SEEC or not, may publish within the “Studies and Research” section if their articles are recent and hitherto unpublished.  These articles must be presented according to the conditions set out in Rules for the presentation of original documents” of the REEC.

Due to the widespread publication of the REEC in the last few years, there is an increasing number of researchers who aspire to publish in the journal.  We have therefore had to perfect our method of evaluation of articles which we receive for publication.  Furthermore, the criteria by which scientific publications obtain academic and scientific recognition amongst Education and Research Authorities have become much stricter, publications with the object of awarding points for competitions, obtaining sixth-year terms, concession of research projects through public competition, etc.  Against this background, and with the desire to achieve greater recognition for the REEC so that it may achieve the appropriate academic and scientific prestige, the Governing Committee of SEEC, in its meeting in Madrid in February 2003 (later ratified in its meeting of October 2003 in Seville) agreed to institute a system of “blind judges” to evaluate articles for publication in the Section “Studies and Research”.

According to this system, each article is evaluated by two different judges.  These judges do not know who the author is or whence the article has come.  Neither do they know who the other judge is nor, of course, the evaluation made by the other judge.  The judges make their judgement based on a questionnaire and they indicate whether they recommend the publication of the article or not.  If both judges rate the article highly, it is published.  If there is a difference in opinion between the judges, the pinion of a third judge is sought.

 The judges are selected by the Governing Committee of the SEEC and the Advisory Council of the REEC, among national and international researchers of renown in Comparative Education.  All efforts are made to ensure that the judges have the same area speciality as the article they are being asked to evaluate.  The Governing Committee of the SEEC and all those who participate in the publication of the REEC firmly believe that the use of this system will benefit the prestige of the journal.


 The content of the other two sections, “Documents” and “Editorial News” is usually proposed by members of the Governing Committee of the SEEC or the Advisory Council of the REEC, although any member of the SEEC or any researcher within the area of Comparative Education may make proposals for publication in these sections.  In the case of receiving such a proposal, the Editor will study the possibility of publishing the article, consulting, if necessary, with the Governing Committee of the SEEC or the Advisory Council of the REEC.

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