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The Spanish Journal of Comparative Education (Revista Española de Educación Comparada-R.E.E.C.) was founded in  1995.  The main aim of the R.E.E.C. is to communicate and spread the scientific work of the members of the S.E.E.C.  The journal also welcomes contributions of all researchers – from Spain and abroad – that would like to disseminate the results of their recent studies or researches.

The R.E.E.C. is published once a year.  The journal has permanent sections: the monograph, which is the main part of each issue, is dedicated to an specific topic of relevance for Comparative Education. Besides, there is a section of  ‘Studies and Research’, where relevant articles are included even though they do not relate directly with the monograph.  These two are the most extensive parts of the Journal.  The third section of the R.E.E.C. is basically dedicated to legislative documentation about educational reforms in different countries, and the forth one presents critical reviews of the new publications in the field of Comparative Education. 

The R.E.E.C. is edited jointly by the National University of Distance Education (Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia-UNED) and the S.E.E.C, and it is supported by the Spanish University Departments more interested in Comparative Education.  The R.E.E.C. hopes to be useful for the development of this field of scientific study, which is interdisciplinary in many of its aspects.  It also hopes to offer better knowledge about the present educational situation among Spanish professionals, in a world where interrelations are each time more obvious and where mutual knowledge is essential.  

The R.E.E.C. welcomes the contributions of all those who, by sharing their concerns, are willing to open wider horizons  in  Spain  to international and comparative studies.

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Management Team:

Editor: José Luis García Garrido

Under-editors:  Mª José García Ruiz and Javier M. Valle López

Managing Editor: Alfonso Diestro Fernández

Editorial Board

- Vicente Llorent Bedmar – Universidad de Sevilla
- María Jesús Martínez Usarralde – Universidad de Valencia
- Leoncio Vega Gil – Universidad de Salmanca
- Francesc Raventós Santamaría – Universidad de Barcelona
- Francisco Michavila – Director de la Cátedra UNESCO de Gestión y Política Universitaria
- Roberto Albarea – Universidad de Udine.

International advisory board

- Clementina Acedo, BIE
- Roberto Albarea, Università degli studi di Udine
- Marc Bray, WCCES
- Robert Cowen, Institute of Education, University of London
- Mariane Frenay, Université Catholique de Louvain
- Jean-Luc Gurtner, Université de Fribourg
- Dimitris Mattheou, University of Athens
- Antonio Nóvoa, Universidade de Lisboa
- Miguel Ángel Pereyra, CESE
- Rauni Räsänen, University of Oulu
- Jürgen Schriewer, Humboldt Universität
- Lennart Wikander, University of Uppsala
- Alejandro Tiana Ferrer, OEI

North America
- Robert Arnove, University of Indiana
- Irving Epstein, Illinois Wesleyan University
- Erwin Epstein, Loyola University of Chicago
- Carlos Alberto Torres, University of California

Central and South America
- Norberto Fernández Lamarra, Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero
- Marco Aurelio Navarro Leal, Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas

- Terri Kim, Associate Research Fellow, Yonsei University and Brunel University
- Mark Mason, Hong Kong University
- Huang Zhicheng, Universidad Nacional del Este de China

- Anthony Welch, University of Sydney

- Abderrahman el Fathi, Marruecos
- Charl Wolhuter, North-West University

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