Friday 5 February 11:00 (online)

Giuseppe Rosario Del Sorbo: Understanding viscosity changes in polyelectrolyte surfactant complexes


Wednesday 2 December 16:00 (online)

Armando Maestro: Tailoring the interfacial assembly and the mechanical response of colloidal and biological systems

Tuesday 24 November 12:00 (online)

Margarita Russina: Porous materials at nanoscale: a neutron scattering insight

Wednesday 15 January 11:30

Petra Bacova: Link between structure and dynamics in star-like polymer melts


Monday 28 October 11:30

Laura Alvarez: Controlling artificial microswimmers

Thursday 17 October 15:30

Julian Oberdisse: Structure of core-shell microgel particles by contrast variation SANS

Thursday 3 October 11:30

Christopher J. Garvey: Electrospun silk fibroin for energy harvesting applications

Friday 6 September 12:00

Iker Castrillo: Study of crystalline nanostructures on poly(butylene furanoate) thin films

Tuesday 23 July 11:30

Rodney Priestley: Direct measurement of the local glass transition in copolymers

Thursday 18 July 11:30

Frank Scheffold: Light scattering and particle tracking based passive and active microrheology of soft matter

Thursday 30 April 16:30 (DIPC)

Catalin Gainaru: Dielectric spectroscopy and its relation to other experimental techniques

Thursday 23 April 11:30

Timo Brändel: Multiresponsive core-shell microgel/nanoparticle hybrids as smart nanoreactors

Friday 12 April 11:30

Farihah Haque: Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry to characterize and assess purity of cyclic polymers

Friday 29 March 11:30

Petra Bacova: Computational modelling of nanostructured materials

Monday 28 January 10:00

Coline Bretz: Technical seminar on 3D-LS spectrometer

Friday 11 January 11:30

José Luis Neira: How to study disordered proteins with biophysical techniques: a personal approach


Thursday 15 November 11:30

Ester Verde: From porous organic polymers to innovative polymers, through mechanoresponsive materials

Friday 28 September 11:30

Jordan Ochs: Ring opening polymerization and CuAAC reaction for the synthesis of pure monocyclic polyehters

Friday 14 September 11:30

Hender López: Coarse-grained modelling of the bionano interface

Thursday 17 May 11:30

Daniel Arismendi: Computational approaches for understanding aqueous systems

Thursday 10 May 11:30

Lorenzo Rovigatti: In silico modelling of microgels

Tuesday 8 May 16:30 (DIPC)

Aurora Nogales: Applications of dielectric spectroscopy to study soft matter phase transitions in real time

Tuesday 24 April 11:30

Erik Berda: Functional nanomaterials from single polymer chains

Thursday 19 April 11:30

Julian Oberdisse: More structure and dynamics of model nanocomposites

Wednesday 18 April 11:30

Julian Oberdisse: Structure and dynamics of highly disordered, industrial polymer nanocomposites

Friday 9 March 10:00

Nadia Lotti: New biobased polyesters: structure-property relationship

Thursday 1 March 11:30

Xavier Monnier: Usefulness of fast scanning calorimetry for physical aging investigations of complex polymer systems

Thursday 15 February 11:30

Daniel Martínez-Tong: Molecular dynamics of poly(butylene 2,5-furanoate) by broadband dielectric spectroscopy


Tuesday 28 November 16:00 (Auditorium CFM)

Ferenc Mezei: Neutron scattering research: perspectives after three quarters of a century of progress

Monday 23 October 11:30

Ivan Coluzza: Computational protein design: the computer as a virtual laboratory

Thursday 28 September 11:30

Yuri Feldman: The interplay between water and solute

Friday 9 June 11:30 (Auditorium CFM)

Rufina Alamo: Crystallization of precision halogen substituted polyethylenes: toward advanced polyolefin-like materials

Friday 17 March 11:30

Valerio di Lisio: Time resolved infrared spectroscopy and modulated temperature FT-IR studies on physical aging, glass transition and crystallization of polymeric materials

Thursday 16 March 10:15

Beatriz Robles: Dielectric properties of nematic liquid crystal dimers

Thursday 9 February 11:30

Maud Formanek: Simulations of telechelic star polymers under shear flow

Thursday 2 February 11:30

Edurne González Gándara: From the film formation and properties of polymeric latexes to the fabrication of functional nanofibers by electrospinning


Thursday 16 December 11:30

Paula Malo de Molina: Entanglement tube dilation of linear polyisoprene in mixtures with stars

Thursday 1 December 11:30

Gerardo Martínez: Self-assembly of a carboxyl-terminated DMS oligomer

Thursday 6 October 11:30

Juan Colmenero: Dielectric susceptibility of liquid water: Microscopic insights from neutron scattering and MD-simulations

Tuesday 6 September 11:30

Daniel Martínez-Tong: Exploring interfacial polarization phenomena in semicrystalline polymer thin films: From local to bulk dielectric measurements

Tuesday 21 June 11:30 (DIPC)

Wolfgang Paul: Relaxation processes and glass transition of confined 1,4-polybutadiene

Tuesday 17 May 16:30 (DIPC)

Simone Napolitano: Analysis of dielectric spectra beyond the relaxation time. What can we learn from the dielectric strength?

Tuesday 17 May 11:00 (DIPC)

Sara Capponi: Nano-confined water in a channel-like protein

Tuesday 15 March 11:30

Petra Bacova: Simulation study of graphene/PEO nanocomposites at temperatures close to the glass transition temperature

Thursday 10 March 11:15-13:00

Ander Amézqueta: Estructura y dinámica de oligómeros de dimetilsiloxano cristalizados

Senda Basasoro: Construcción de nanopartículas poliméricas unimoleculares a partir de precursores con propiedades anfifílicas

Tuesday 8 March 11:15-13:00

Angel Moreno: Concentrated solutions of single-chain nanoparticles: A simple model for disordered proteins under crowding conditions

Federica Lo Verso: Globular single-chain nanoparticles: A new class of glass-forming soft colloids

Tuesday 16 February 11:30

Paula Malo de Molina: Small angle neutron scattering of hydrogels and complex nanoemulsions

Tuesday 2 February 11:30

Daniel Martínez-Tong: Laser fabrication of polymer ferroelectric nanostructures: A fast, contact-free approach

Tuesday 26 January 11:30

Fabienne Barroso-Bujans: Dielectric relaxations in poly(glycidyl phenyl ether): Effects of microstructure and cyclic topology


Wednesday 25 November 11:30

Juan Colmenero: Universal trend of the non-exponential Rouse mode relaxation in glass-forming polymer systems: Experimental facts, MD-simulations and a theoretical approach based on a generalized Langevin equation

Wednesday 30 September 11:00 (DIPC)

Kurt Binder: Understanding the stiffness of macromolecules: From single chains to semiflexible polymer brushes

Tuesday 2 June 11:15-13:00

Gerardo Martínez: Dielectric relaxations of polyurethane-acrylic hybrid pressure sensitive adhesives

Luisa Barceló: Dynamics of unentangled polydimethylsiloxane: MD-simulations validated by neutron scattering

Stefan Holler: Branch-point motion in asymmetric star polymers

Tuesday 26 May 11:15-13:00

Marina González: Microwave-assisted preparation of single-chain PS nanoparticles

Alex Latorre: Towards hybrids of metallic and single-chain polymeric nanoparticles

Natalia Gutiérrez: Glass transition of polymer nanoparticles studied by differential scanning calorimetry

Tuesday 19 May 16:30 (DIPC)

Ranko Richert: Basics and applications of nonlinear dielectric techniques

Monday 4 May 10:00-18:00

Group meeting on "Materials based on single-chain nanoparticles: Synthesis, structure and dynamics"

Morning 10:00-13:00

Josetxo Pomposo: Synthesis and applications

Angel Moreno: Design of synthesis routes by simulation

Afternoon 15:00-18:00

Arantxa Arbe: From solutions to nanocomposites: Combining scattering techniques and simulations

Daniele Cangialosi: Calorimetry and glass transition

Tuesday 13 January 10:30 (DIPC)

Joachim Kohlbrecher: Magnetic response of functionalized lipid bilayers


Thursday 16 October 12:00

Hermis Iatrou: Responsive polymer nanocarriers

Thursday 25 September 11:30

Alicja Wolny: The use of dielectric methods to detect tumor tissues

Wednesday 10 September 11:30

Guilhem Baeza: Going forward with nanocomposites: Crossroads between structure and properties

Friday 5 September 11:30

Ewa Golas: Structural and mechanical insight into alphaA-crystallin via steered molecular dynamics. Principal component methods for protein dynamics: Hsp70 and alphaA-crystallin

Tuesday 8 July 11:30

Marco Bernabei: Molecular characterization of the hydration water at organic and inorganic interfaces

Friday 13 June 11:15

Gerardo Martínez: Self-assembly of functionalized dimethyl siloxane oligomers: Structure and dynamics

Fabienne Barroso-Bujans: Novel cyclic polyethers: Synthesis and physico-chemical properties

Friday 23 May 10:00 (DIPC)

Kenneth Schweizer: Particle diffusion, topological entanglements and slow macromolecular dynamics in polymer nano-composites

Thursday 22 May 15:00 (DIPC)

Kenneth Schweizer: Unified theory of activated relaxation in molecular and polymeric liquids over 14 decades in time

Wednesday 21 May 16:30 (DIPC)

George Floudas: Soft Matter under hard confinement

Friday 16 May 11:15

Ana Sánchez: Single-chain soft nanoparticles via dynamic covalent bonds: pH-triggered assembly/disassembly

Irma Pérez: Recent advances in the synthesis of single-chain polymer nanoparticles

Thursday 15 May 11:00

Alejandro Miccio: Local characterization of a polymer electrolyte by means of AFM based dielectric spectroscopy

Gerardo Martínez: Dielectric relaxation of polyurethane/acrylic waterborne hybrid adhesives

Friday 9 May 11:30

Silvina Cerveny: Water dynamics in ordinary and biological solutions at low temperatures

Friday 21 March 11:30

Lucía Ortega: Estudio de la viabilidad de la polimerización aniónica del alfa-metilestireno


Tuesday 10 December 12:00

Alejandro Müller: Influence of molecular architecture (cyclic versus linear) on the crystallization of well defined poly(e-polycaprolactones)

Friday 22 November 11:30

Angel Moreno: The fascinating physics of ring polymers

Friday 8 November 11:30

Silvia Arrese-Igor: Measurements in the ultra-low frequency range by thermostimulated depolarization current techniques: Detecting non-equilibrium effects on polyisoprene chain dynamics

Monday 21 October 11:15

Debsindhu Bhowmik: A quasielastic neutron scattering approach to study the microscopic dynamics in nanocomposites of poly(ethylene oxide) and poly(methyl methacrylate) soft nanoparticles

Gerardo Martínez: Self-assembly of functionalized dimethyl siloxane oligomers (ODMS)

Monday 14 October 11:30

Arantxa Arbe: Structure and dynamics in comb-like polymers: the role of dynamic asymmetry

Tuesday 2 July 11:30

Alexey Lyulin: Confinement, ageing and rejuvenation effects in polymer films/composites

Friday 14 June 11:30

Fernando Alvarez: A molecular dynamics simulation approach to dielectric spectroscopy of bulk water and proline aqueous solutions

Friday 7 June 11:15

Federica Lo Verso: Hierarchical self-assembly of polymer based nanoparticles: design and functionalization strategies

Maria Luisa Barceló: A molecular dynamics simulation study of polydimethylsiloxane

Monday 3 June 12:00

Nicolas Clément: Molecular relaxation dynamics in molecular tunnel junctions

Tuesday 21 May 16:30 (DIPC)

Marian Paluch: Broadband dielectric spectroscopy as a powerful tool for investigating molecular dynamics and proton reaction kinetics of condensed matter systems at ambient and elevated pressure

Friday 17 May 11:15

Musthafa Kummali: Investigating multicomponent polymeric systems by nanodielectric spectroscopy

Alejandro Miccio: Towards nanodielectric spectroscopy: Current status and future developments

Friday 10 May 11:15

Irma Pérez: Intrinsically catalytic single-chain polymer nanoparticles

Ana Sánchez: 'Michael' nanocarriers mimicking transient-binding disordered proteins

Friday 26 April 11:30

Gustavo Schwartz: Dielectric properties at the nano-scale: Introduction, current status and future developments

Friday 12 April 11:30

Guido Goracci: Dynamics of PDMAEMA in concentrated solution of THF: A neutron scattering and dielectric spectroscopy study

Tuesday 19 March 11:15

Lorea Buruaga: Exploring new strategies for single-chain nanoparticle construction

Petra Bacova: Computer simulations of chain dynamics in entangled branched polymers

Friday 8 March 9:45 (DIPC)

Christos Tzoumanekas: Molecular modelling of cavitation in model polyethylene networks

Thursday 7 March 11:30

Christos Tzoumanekas: A microscopic description of entanglement in polyethylene melts and rubbers

Wednesday 6 March 12:00 (Auditorium CFM)

Daniele Cangialosi: Dynamics and thermodynamics of polymer glasses

Tuesday 5 March 12:00 (DIPC)

Helen Jansson: The building material group at Chalmers: Current research and future projects

Friday 22 February 10:30

Angel Alegría: Dielectric spectroscopy: Applications to the investigation of molecular motions

Friday 8 February 11:30

Josetxo Pomposo: Synthesis of single-chain nanoparticles

Friday 25 January 11:15

Fabienne Barroso-Bujans: Two-dimensional subnanometer confinement of poly(ethylene oxide) in graphite oxide: Structure and dynamics

Iñigo García Yoldi: Computational simulation of confined polymers: Poly(ethylene oxide) in graphite oxide

Tuesday 22 January 11:30

Prity Mohanti: Phase transitions in soft repulsive colloids

Wednesday 9 January 12:00 (Auditorium CFM)

Angel Moreno: Universal properties in polymers: What can we learn by simulating coarse-grained models?


Monday 17 December 11:30

Juan Colmenero: Chain dynamics in unentangled polymer blends with dynamic asymmetry. A generalized Langevin equation formalism

Friday 30 November 11:30

Yasmin Khairy: A molecular dynamics simulation study on the structure and the dynamics of polyisobutylene

Zakaria Slimani: Computer simulations of dynamics in block, gradient and random copolymers

Friday 9 November 11:30 (DIPC)

Francisco del Monte: Sustainable processes for the preparation of electrically conductive hierarchical carbon materials