MSSMOOTH smoothes a noised spectrum using a wavelet transform.
  S = MSSMOOTH(Y,T,L) performs an individual denoising process based on a wavelet transformation. Y is the classical MZ intensities, where Y(:,i) corresponds to the i-nth full spectrum. The parameters are:
  T = multiple of 0.67*MAD (Median Absolute Deviation) at which to threshold the wavelet coefficients. Typical thresholds are in the range of 4-10 (default value set to T = 6).
  L = power of 2 to compute wavelets (default value is L = 10, which sets blocks of size 1024).
  The wavelet transform is performed by means of the the Rice Wavelet Toolbox ( This function is an adaptation from the functions included in the Cromwell toolbox for denoising and baseline correction (