MSSLIDENORM performs a normalization process over a set of spectra.
  [YNORM,PAR] = MSSLIDENORM(MZ,Y,WINSIZE) normalizes a set of spectra by means of rescaling parameters estimated in basis of sliding windows. MZ must be a column array of readings, and WINSIZE is the size parameter of the sliding window over MZ (default WINSIZE = 200). Y must be a matrix of MZ rows and size(Y,2) instances.
  The estimation of the rescale parameter of the spectra is done by a sliding window rather than a global computation over all intensities. In addition, median values as scale factors have been proven to be more robust against possible outlying peaks [de Noo et al., 2005]. Thus, a combination of both of them is proposed as normalization technique: use an sliding window with rescaling to the median value of the AUC.