]> Redes eléctricas, almacenamiento, hidrógeno y pilas de combustible. Vehículos eléctricos

Redes eléctricas, almacenamiento, hidrógeno y pilas de combustible. Vehículos eléctricos

Innovative grid-impacting technologies enabling a clean, efficient and secure electricity system in Europe. GridTech

Demanda de energía en tiempo real. Red Eléctrica de España

Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

The Power Networks Demonstration Centre is a venture between the University of Strathclyde, Scottish Enterprise, the Scottish Funding Council, Scottish Power and Scottish and Southern Energy aimed at accelerating the adoption of novel research and technologies into the electricity industry.


Powerwall TESLA home battery
Powerwall is a home battery that charges using electricity generated from solar panels, or when utility rates are low, and powers your home in the evening. It also fortifies your home against power outages by providing a backup electricity supply. Automated, compact and simple to install, Powerwall offers independence from the utility grid and the security of an emergency backup.

Albufera Energy Storage
es una pequeña empresa de base tecnológica fundada en el año 2013 y dedicada a la investigación, desarrollo, producción y comercialización de pilas y baterías, basadas en el Aluminio como metal principal de los mecanismos electroquímicos que proporcionan la capacidad de almacenar energía a estos dispositivos.

Gravity Power Grid-Scale Electricity Storage System

Zinc Air, storing and delivering tomorrow's energy.

Airlight Energy Advanced Adiabatic Compressed Air Energy Storage system is designed for medium-large scale utilities, grid operators. Employing the proprietary storage technology developed at Airlight Energy to store the heat generated in the compression stage (up to 2/3 of total energy) and reuse it during the expansion stage.

The figure below shows the basic concept of Electric-Thermal Energy Storage (E-TES) which involves electricity being used to generate high temperature heat for storage in the TES system. This may become an attractive solution in areas with high penetration of variable renewable energy (VRE) sources such as wind energy and photovoltaics (PV). Both wind turbines and PV are inherently variable energy sources governed by the weather, and especially difficult to integrate at high renewable energy penetration levels considering power quality, system stability, grid reliability, and resilience targets

Hidrógeno y pilas de combustible

Asociación Española del Hidrógeno

Asociación Española de Pilas de Combustible

Plataforma Tecnológica Española de Hidrógeno

Ballard's hydrogen fuel cell products have put thousands of clean energy solutions to work worldwide...
and our proprietary technology ensures unsurpassed performance in each one of them.

Research on fuel cell & hydrogen

Fundación para el desarrollo de nuevas tecnologías del hidrógeno en Aragón.

Hidrógeno Renovable, H2 Renov

Horizon. Fuel cell technologies

Pragma industries. Hytrax fuel cell racing car

Fuel Cell education

Hydrogen Foundation Education

Built with our patented solid oxide fuel cell technology, Bloom's Energy Server™ is a new class of distributed power generator, producing clean, reliable, affordable electricity at the customer site.

Cella. Advanced Materials Technology is an advanced materials and technologies company with first-mover advantage in safe, low-cost hydrogen storage technology. Cella's long term goal is to produce a new source of low-emission transport fuel whose ease of use and cost is competitive with fossil fuels. cellaenergy.com/

Vehículo eléctrico

haloIPT, wireless charging for electric vehicles

What is the Grid-Integrated Vehicle (GIV)?. University of Delaware.

MIT. Electric vehicle team.

Carrera solar Atacama