Micro-Wave Dielectric Spectrometer

This spectrometer allows to access the microwave range over a limited temperature range with a reasonable accuracy. (see an example below)


Analyzer: Microwave network analyzer Keysight E8361A


Dielectric probe: Dielectric probe kit Keysight 85070E

  • Frequency range: 2e7 - 7e10 Hz

  • Sensitivity better than tan(delta) ~1e-1

  • High temperatue probe: temperature range 250 - 470 K, Frequency range 0.2-20 GHz

  • Performance probe: temperature range 250 - 470 K, Frequency range 0.5-50 GHz

Temperature Control: Nitrogen-jet stream home-made system

  • Temperature range: 100 - 570 K

  • Temperature stability better than 0.5 K

Samples: Soft-solids and Liquids

  • The sample is placed in a cylindrical aluminum container of 20 mm diameter, and the dielectric probe is placed on  (or inside) the sample.





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